Monday, May 3, 2010


one thing that is very hard for me admit is that i do not ride motorbike. I am afraid of this mode of transport because i am afraid i cant it in a hectic highway of Surabaya. And in front of my parents' house in Wonosobo it could be two motorbike accidents in a day. i saw blood flowing on highway often. My mother said we need first aid kit at home cause so we can give aid to those who injured right away.

I ride bicycle pretty well. i never had it but my cousin who once lived with us as a cycle that me and my brother can borrow, before thief stole it in the middle of the night when we just moved to new house.

Since i am in Surabaya i go out with friends sometimes, and if i work i go by public transport. Having no motorbike is like lame. You could not go anywhere easily because public transport is poor. I find commuting by public transport is expensive. i once work in Juanda area which took 4 times public transport, that i make it 3 times or 2 times to save up money by walking to the nearest route. Imagine if i had to take 4 times everyday. NO more money left to eat.

I bought second hand bicycle for Rp.200.000. the price is so and so, but at least i can ride this to places in the vicinity. Last Sunday i brought my bicycle to Mangrove Ecotorism. I hadnt been there, so i thought i wanted to do little observation about this place as i would make research for my thesis.

I prayed before hitting the road. Pretty scary to go by bike in a crowded hectic road. I didnt wear helmet, cus i dont have and only motorbike passangers should wear helmet here. Though i felt insecure about this i kept hitting the road. Sometimes motorbikes passing me very quick that make me remember to pray again. It is about 6 km from my boarding house to Mangrove Ecotourism. Hmmm i cant believe i made 12 KM that day.

At night i felt very tired maybe because it had been long time i never did any training. few months ago i run everyday and sit up everyday. But i quit cus i am too lazy. I know i shouldnt be but laziness wins. That night my leg felt so hurt that it was hard for me to sleep but in the morning i felt fresh again. Like i am rejuvenated. ha ha ha.

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