Tuesday, May 4, 2010


have you ever bought things from door to door marketer? i usually am not interested to buy things from them. But few months ago there was a sales promo girl came in to my campuss and offered me watch product. The watch is just one but it has 6 twines from many different collors, like green, purple, black, pink, white and blue. the twines are easily attached to the watch. Those colors are cute and so attractive that we can change the twines. When i wear blue i can wear blue twines watch. Green dress with green watch. HMmm you see, it is so tempting for women. Beside this sales girl was well trained. So i finally bought the watch in pink box for Rp.100.000 and it is guaranteed for 1 year. I didnt have enough money but hmmmm i cant take the risk of not buying this trendy watch. ha ha ha.

After a month i found out that one of the watch ring, the green one could not attached well to the watch and when i wore it with my fave green dress. It was fit at the beginning but when i arrive in campus they fell apart. And one of the hand was broken. I decided to go to the office as it is guaranteed. But when i told the office man about this matter, he said that he had no more supply for the watch and that he suggested me to bring it to the watchman. I could not take this, but what can i do? I went to the watchman and to fix it it will cost Rp.20.000. Hmmmmmm

So, be careful when you buy things from sales person. This is what you should remember this:
1. Is the product really guaranteed?
2. Take a look at the product carefully, make sure the the product is in good condition

3. Make sure that the office product is close to where you live.

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