Sunday, May 30, 2010

Everything Happens For a reason

I used to think that when people said 'everything happens for a reason' it is just words. Until i contemplated and found that is true. Nothing in this world that happens for nothing. I am sure that we are here in this world not for waste.

When i travelled to Jogja with a friend, we arrived late at night. And we thought that we arrived there too late and we did bad timing management. We thought we would stay at the hotel too short and check out at the next morning, beside there is no more Trans Jogja, cheap public bus that commute in Jogja area. Usually at night the available transport only taxi, becak ( pedicap) and ojek. I could imagine how would it be when we arrived at Jogja bus station. Taxi driver, pak becak and pak ojek will offer us their service and they would tail us if we havent decided yet. And the bus entered the Jogja bus station at 12.10. I was completely right. taxi drivers, pak becak and pak ojek followed us and offer their services. At last we were dealing with pak becak to take us to hotel close to Malioboro. It was quiet far from the station. We agreed to pay him Rp. 35.000. On the way i spoke with the pedicapman. He told me that his children were all died in earthquake in 2006 that hit Jogja. He told us that he was waiting for passengers to ride on his pedicap, but no one would ride. So he said he was lucky that he got us as his customers. That conversation made me think that we were not suppose to regret whatever made us arrive in Jogja too late. We are here too late so this pedicapman can earn money for his family.

My other experience is last time when we would visit a friend, Fury, i Blitar, who's just lost his father. We delayed the date to go over and over again. Then we thought that it could possibly we didnt go to Blitar cus we were to busy manage the day. But then we decided to go on Monday. It was perfect until Neni's family called and said that the roof of the house they just rent last month fell apart and destroy things. The good news is that no one at the house at that moment. Neni said that the roof fell down at 9 am. When usually she took nap after finishing her pastry order till late at night. Lucky her she went to Blitar with us. Everything happens for a reason.

So i now try to always accept whatever come to me. Sure there is something behind this. Why i didnt continue my study after my hi-school, why i was born from farmer family, why.. why.. and so many other whys.

I know God has beautiful reasons that those things happens in my life.

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