Friday, May 21, 2010


My friend's father died this month so i and 4 other friends visited her to show our condolences. We rent a car and depart in the morning. My friend's house is in Blitar, and it takes 4 hours from Surabaya to get there.

Her house was in a village in Bacem. Very tranquil, green, and windy. And the houses are not like in Surabaya. They are usually bigger with large garden full of trees of fruit, papaya, pepper, or spices. for me i love the atmosphere so much. I am thinking of spending my old time in small village like this. This is the first time i visited Blitar and i love this place alot, especially my friend's village.

As one of my friend's is from Tulungagung, so we stopped by at his house in Tulungagung. We went to the city park of Tulungagung. This park is designed with interesting landscape. I love the fountain in the middle of the park. And the pigeon everywhere. And other interesting thing is that the park path is completed with path for feet reflexion when you step on it. I think my father will love to step on that path everyday and will make him healthier. Also for me too.

When we arrived at Kediri on the way back to Surabaya it is already 5.30 o'clock. We stopped by to see Simpang Lima Gumul. Although the bulding erchitecture similar to "L'arch De Triomphe" in France, this monument is inspired by Jongko Joyoboyo, Kediri KIng in 12th century that united 5 area in Kediri. I think the architecture looks like mediteranean, only that the relief on the wall show the culture of Kediri, such as farmers. And at the corner of the monument also placed Ganesha. I dont know why ganeshas are placed there. I heard in weekend this monument is full of visitors. And sometimes performed local entertainment.

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