Friday, May 7, 2010


Last month i lost my wallet in the market in Surabaya. I didnt notice this until the time when i was about to pay a blouse. Though not much money in the wallet, i feel so iritated and feel the loss. My old and mobile that is broken in the screen was lost also as i put it in the wallet. And the ATM card, ID card, other important name card.

This is what i faced because this incident. to regain my ATM, i had to get my ID Card and Statement from police dept that i lost it. To get ID i had to return to Wonosobo which is 12 hours by bus from Surabaya. Luckily my mother made that for me and get this for me when she visited my brother. At last i can get my ATM again, my ID. BUt i can not get my old mobile back, i need the important number there from my friends, business partners. Stupid of me i didnt make other copy of phone numbers in my mobile. And to get same mobile number, it is easy though we should wait in long queue.

What should you do to avoid those complicated thing something like this happen to you? i have the tips. Though i hop you wont experience losing wallet like i did.

1. Do not bring your you original ID card, but bring the copy. Make few copy of your ID. and leave the real ID save at home.

2. If it is not necessary do not bring ATM. Like to nearest market.

3. Beware of pickpocket, dont wear handbag. Wear bag with long rope so you can put it in front of you to watch. And it will be saver if you wear cargo trousers where you can putt wallet/money at the pockets on front of your knee.

4. Make copy of important phone numbers to notebook.

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