Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sego megono is very popular menu in Central java especially in Pekalongan, Purworejo, Temanggung and Wonosobo. each city has its own typical of sego megono.
Sego means rice. Megono derives from javanese Mego means cloud and gegana which means weapon. A reference said the history of sego megono started on dutch collonialization in Indonesia when people tried to make nice menu for the geurillas. As at that time meat and vegetables were rare. Megono is nice without meat or chicken.
Sego Megono is made of rice that is mixed with vegetables like cabbage, teri (dried fish), long bean, and cocunut.In Wonosobo my hometown, Megonoto is menu for traditional ceremony to thank God. Usually my mother make megono before we harvest rice paddy, before we moved to out new house,or just thank God for His blessing. Usually with Megono my mother prepared Ingkung. Ingkung is wholle chicken that is cooked with curry untill its welldone. It is very yummy. :)
When you visit Wonosobo... try megono for breakfast with tempe kemul. Tempe kemul is friend tempe with delicious flour. Once you tried you will never forget the taste and want some more.

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