Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Family Tour in East Java

Weekend has been the time that every family is waiting to spend the time together after a week hectic with activities like working for parents, and studying for children. If you are in Surabaya there are few places that you and your family can visit for one or two nights duration. But i think the best choice tos pend the weekend for family is Malang and Batu. It is not far from Surabaya and it has mild weather and many choices of attraction there.
Apple Plantation :
Kusuma Agro Apple Plantation located in Batu City. Walking to the plantation and picking apple for yourself can be a good experience for kids. If apple is not in season, you can take tour to pick guava and strawberry. After the plantation tour, stop by at restaurant to drink fresh apple juice to refresh your throat. But one thing if you bring childrean it would be excellence you get the knowledge about the plants there, because sometimes you will not be guided by the special guide but by the trainee that sometimes they are not well-informed yet. Overnight in this plantation also possible, beside outbound activities.

Coban Rondo Waterfall located further round 5 km from Kusuma Agro Apple Plamtation. It is 80 m hi waterfall. With green forest surrounding the waterfall and grey monkeys will gave more wildlife knowledge for the kids. There is a story about the legend of the waterfall in bahasa indonesia as an interpretation tool. At the parking area you can shop locally hand made souvenirs and grilled corns are available there.

Safari Park at Prigen Pandaan is also my favourite place to enjoy weekend. Children usually will love it to see animals from 5 continents from Llama, Hippo, Zebra, Elephant, Komodo, Lion and Tiger. My Favourite is tiger. I know they are dangerous but from distance they seem to be so cute with the stripes. It must be nice to have them as pet i often think about it, but dangerous too. I love the feathers but i dont want to have their claws and tusks with them still. Ha ha ha. Children will love to see baby zoo where they can pose with baby tiger and baby orang utan. Go to the restaurant and you can have your meals with white Bengala Tiger from behind glass. If you come at their meal times you can see how they swim to get the food or even climb trees. It was amazing. YOu can take picture with white tiger as if they are really behind yoou without glass barrier.

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