Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Convenient Hotel in Wonosobo

If you travel to Dieng PLateau, the most convenient is that you stay overnight in Wonosobo.
My favourite if i go there is Dieng Kledung Pass Hotel.
This hotel is located in the middle of Mt Sindoro and Sumbing. Awesome. It was so amazing to see the summit of MT Sumbing covered by white cloud. Even when it is misty, it is very exotics.
The slope of MT Sindoro and Sumbing are tobacco fields. If you arrive in the afternoon just stroll along the field and you will meet local farmers working and address you with friendly smile. I love doing tobacco walk.
And if you love delicacies, in front of the hotel there is a restaurant where you can enjoy Indonesian and Chinese Food. Sometimes they have food like Mi Ongklok, the specific food of the area which is very yummy. Special menus in this restaurant are: Tempe Kemul, Rawon,
Goat Satay, Tempe Satay, Mushroon Satay.

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