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Traditional Art Performance : This event will make you enjoy arts and culture of Surabaya. This event takes place in Balai Pemuda


Traditional Art Performance : This event will be held at 13 February 2011 in Balai Pemuda where you can enjoy various kinds or local arts and music.

MARCH 2011

Shadow Puppet Performance: Will be held on March 4 2011 at the courtyard of Balai Pemuda. Shadow puppet is a Javanese old performance that can build the characters of youngsters.

Decorated Boat Festival: Here you can feel the athmosphere of boats a long Kalimas River while live performances are held on stage.

Sedekah Bumi ( Gratuities to Earth): This is an old tradition of local people for the well being they got. The procession including cleaning the residence, preparing offerings of crops and prayers. Traditional wrestling in this event makes event more interesting.

APRLI 2011

Surabaya Health Season: From 1 to 30 April all clinics and hospitals in Surabaya will give discounts throughout the month.

Girl Band Festival: A qualified music festival at Balai Pemuda Courtyard with the performance of girl band.

Weaving Art Exhibition of Sikka (8 April – 8 May): Exhibition will be held at House of Sampoerna. Sikka is traditional weaving from Nusa Tenggara Timur that its motive has meaning. Weaving is also a media of expression to revere ancestors as the manifestation of Natural forces.

Simpang Festival (23-24 April):This event is the opening of Surabaya Anniversary Event. This event is the miniature of annual festival Pasar Malam Besar Ting Tong in Den Haag Netherland.

MAY 2011

Tjap Toenjoengan Night Market (1-8 May): This event is held by Tunjungan Plaza annually. It is an event that provides a variety of well-known culinary in the region with atmosphere of old kampongs. Traditional performances like Ketoprak and Campur Sari make city dwellers can enjoy kampong ambience.

Cultural & Flower Parade (1 May): To celebrate 718th Surabaya anniversary local people will participate at this parade that starts at Heroes Monument and finishes at Surabaya City Hall. Participants will dress in traditional costumes, colorful decoration, traditional performances will be performed at the city street.

Surabaya Shopping Festival (1-31 May): A month with enticing discounts at every shopping malls in Surabaya to celebrate Surabaya anniversary on May.

Majapahit Travel Fair (5-8 May): The biggest tourism event in East Java where tourism stake holder can participate in program of this event such as Table Top Meeting for buyers and sellers of tourism industries, a half-day workshop, and tourism exhibition.

Late Night Shopping VIII (6-7 May): This is a cheap midnight promotion held at the most prestigious shopping mall in Surabaya, Tunjungan Plaza I- IV. It is a hunting time.

Tourism Ambassador Cak and Ning Selection (7 May): A pair of tourism ambassador who will represent Surabaya city will be chosen at this annual event. They will be presenting themselves in Surabaya traditional costumes and they should show knowledge of culture and tourism.

Surabaya Great Expo (11-13 May): This event will give you broad selections of domestic product that have penetrate the domestic and foreign market.

Jazz Orchestra Performance (14 May):Will be held at Heroes Monument area. Jazz maestros from the nation will take performance in this prestigious stage.

Music Festival (Male Band) on 28 May: Where you can enjoy appearance of musicians from Surabaya.

Festival Rujak Uleg: Rujak uleg is Surabaya special salad. This event is stand out for the participants unique outfit while making rujak uleg.

Surabaya Fashion parade (24-29 May): Will be held at Main Atrium Tunjungan Plaza. This event gives opportunity to East Java designer to another stage. This event will also hold contests, namely Surabaya Fashion Designer Award, Surabaya Fashion Illistration Award, Surabaya Model Search, Surabaya Make-up Competition which the contestant are not originated from East Java but also from outside the province.

JUNE 2011

Surabaya Art and Music Festival (1-15 June): Also known as the biggest art festival in Surabaya where people can watch various form of arts such as theatre, dance, music performance, art exhibition, film screening, art fair, and many more from local to foreign artists. This event will be held at Balai Pemuda.

Wedding Expo 2011 (1-5 June): Will be held in Tunjungan Plaza and participated by more than 150 wedding vendors.

Boat Festival: Will be held at Kenjeran Park where fishermen will participate in this event with beautifully decorated boats

JULY 2011

Surabaya Great Fashion Expo (1-10 July): This event will provide you with a new reference of the fashion world development.

G-Walk Percussion Festival: Open stage where local and foreign performers show their best shot. The harmony of percussions and dances from artists as well as enthusiastic audience will blend into the festive night.

Decorated Kites Contest (17 July): Will be held at Kenjeran Beach where you can see colorful kites color the blue sky.

Remo and Yosakoi Dance Festival (17 July): This festival is an opportunity for local dancers to show their skill in dancing East Java dance Remo. Yosakoi is a dance with a blend of Surabaya and Japan. Both will be held at Bungkul Park.

Cross Culture Festival: This festival will show the richness of Indonesian culture where artists from abroad will also take place in this event.

Haul Sunan Ampel: To commemorate the passing of Sunan Ampel which is held in Sunan Ampel Mosque Complex. Starting on the third week of Sya’ban in the Islamic calendar, Moslems are drawn to be the part of this spiritual event for 3 days. It begins on Friday with prayers, a procession on Saturday and ends with a mass circumcision and some Islamic music.

Bull race Event


Heroic Music Festival: Festive celebration of Indonesian Independence Day will be increasingly felt in Surabaya with the title Heroic Music Festival at Heroes Monument. The spirit of the heroism of the freedom fighters will contain this event.


Fullmoon Festival: The Chinese ethnics has never skipped this celebration on day 15th on month 8th in Imlek calendar. Some activities like moon cake festival, barong show, and various dance will light up the festive celebration.


East Java Cultural Parade:This event is held to commemorate the anniversary of East java Province. Every districts in East Java will participate in this event.

Negarakertagama Festival: This festival is held to revive the spirit of the poet to the young generation. This is because the East Java region is the origin of great poets like Ronggowarsito, Joyoboyo to cak Durasim.

Sapi Sono Festival and Karapan Bull Race :Sapi Sono Festival is a contest of bulls peageant where the most beautiful decorated bull will win the contest.

Surabaya Hot Sale: This promo will pamper shopping lover to get discount up to 80% in every shopping mall in Surabaya.


Heroic Music Performance: This event aimed to commemorate the heroic of Indonesian People especially the Surabaya youngsters to regain Independence day.

Symphony for the Nation:This event will make us remember of the struggle arek Surabaya to fight agains Sallies and the Dutch in November 1945. Heroism is in the air.

Surabaya Juang This event consists of few activities such as : Art Performances 100 Statues of Heroes, Theater Festival, Surabaya Jeep Carnival and short films festival.

Surabaya Traditional Food Festival East Java is rich of delicacies. The participants will be challenged to present interesting menus typical of East Java, such as salad cingur, tofu mixed, and many more.

Ciputra Golf Tournament Tournament golf, where not only local but also international golfers.

Surabaya 10 K: International Marathon race held by Govt of East Java province.

Bull Race