Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Java island is rich of caves as quiet many areas covered by carst. More than ten carst caves located at the south of Java and North of Java round Tuban regency.

Here are caves in Java:

1. Jatijajar Cave : Located in Kebumen , Central Java. This cave has few natural springs and has been developed for tourism.

2. Gong Cave :Located at 37 KM from Pacitan Regency, this cave is popular for its crystal-like relief that spark and stand tall like pillars. You can find stalactite, stalacmite, and other reliefs such as shape that look like shawl drapery, flowstone, Helectite and sodastraw stalagtite. This cave has 12 rooms, 7 pools and one natural shower room. This cave is called Gong cave as local people hear gong sound from this cave every Tuesday and Friday.

3. Putri Cave: Located in Pacitan regency with mythical pool for ever young power.

4. Tabuhan Cave: limestones at this cave can make beautiful sound like javanese gamelan. The very outstandng from this cave is that there is 50 m hi pillar.

5. Lawa Cave :Cave with 25 m diameter complete with 9 tunnel and the home of bats (lawa). This cav’s length is 800 meters and 40 m depth with 4 pools and natural ventilations. According to survey held by Gilbert Manthovani and Dr Robert Kho in 1984, this cave is known as the biggest and longest in South East Asia.

6. Akbar Cave: Impressive cave but concrete of building distract its natural condition. This cave has very long tunnel to the Tuban City Square and to Merakurak, to Ngerong Cave and to Gembul Cave.

7. Maharani Cave: Cave with 2500 m2 hall with ease access.

8. Luweng Jaran : Located in Pacitan/Not developed by the Govt.

Pacitan has more than 65 caves and only 3 that has been developed for tourism.

Lawa Cave