Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This writting is inspired by conversation among me, my mother and my sister in law at night. Tomorrow we will cook to celebrate my nephew's circumsized. This is very comon when a kid circumsived the family makes celebration for this. Actually he had been circumsized 2 weeks ago, but the celebration held after my parents came to Surabaya. Usually my mother that cooks for every big event in his family.
Tomorrow we plan to make sega megana, chicken and deliver then on box to neighbour. This night we prepare the box for tomorrow. The box is beautifully decorated with batik motives. My sister wants to make the parcel looks traditional. Batik decorations and banana leaves instead of paper.

We are thinking that it would be nice and more traditional if we use besek instead of this batik decorated paper box.
when i was in Junior hi school, everytime a family had celebration usually besek is used as box. Besek is made of bamboo. As time goes by, people start to leave this tradition to use besek as box for food. People now use paper box or i find our neighbour in my village use plastic box.
It is going to be nice when people use besek as food box again. Why?
1. besek can last more than paper. Paper box is thrown to bin after used but besek can be used as spices box like my mother does at home
2. using besek is like preserving indonesian tradition
3. Using besek is good for micro industri
4. Besek is cheaper than paper and it is environmentaly friendly.

I think using local product is better than using modern product. I am so proud using local things. Local things makes unique. i am studying tourism, and i find that the offering of traditional ceremonies in bali or java also influenced by this modern shift. If Balinese usually formerly used local fruits for offering like green apples and green orange so it looks like really sacred ritual. But now we can see that the offering is very colorful and it makes less sacred in my opinion. Cu they use Fuji apples and china orange.

I am maybe too different than any other friends of mine. My friends live with me they prefer Fuji apples or orange from china that have very bright attractive orange colors. I love the taste of Malang Apples and Orange better than those fruits from other. It tastes fresher and watery. Buy them at local market where it is still fresh and no preservative and wax cus it is distributed to local market only, unlike those products from other continents or other countries.

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