Saturday, August 7, 2010

mangrove tourism at Surabaya

Lokated at the eastern shore of Surabaya lokated mangroves which is now can be a place to hang out and learn about coast ecosystem. Mangroves in this area has now been restored after it has been destroyed by illegal logging and waves.
The admission fee is just Rp.25.000 for adult and Rp. 15.000 for children.
it opens daily until late afternoon.

You will be taken by motor boat to gazebo at the mangrove. From the the pier to Gazebo will take about 15 minutes. On the way to gazebo you can enjoy the clean river with mangrove on the banks of it. Feel the breeze... i feel the breeze very rejuvenating. And you can see seagulls flying showing their pretty white wings sometimes.

The boat will also take you to the estuary of Wonorejo River and the Madura Strait where you can see Suramadu Bridge also if the weather is clear enough.

Once you get off you can see mangrove fish. Pretty interesting that they can walk with their fins to the mud. I think i see crabs too. And what is interesting is that there are birds. i wish i could bring good camera so i can take photograph of them

In Wonorejo has 8 species of mangrove. and in the whole mangrove in Wonorejo, Gunung Anyar and Medoan there are fauna species like grey monkey, 137 aves species, 53 insects, 7 mamals, 18 fishes, 10 herpetofauna (amphibia & reptile) and 7 species of crustacea.

After getting of the boat you can follow the jetty which will give you nice angle to shoot pics. Arriving at teh gazebo you can see strait a head, with ocean breeze blowing. At the gazebo, you can buy food or water that is sold by local people.

As i went there alone and other people were with their groups and they seem just wana sit at the gazebo, i walk thru the mangrove forest. I love the forest but this side hasnt been cleaned yet though the management.
Activities that you can do here:
1. Trekking (if you dont want to go by boat, you can take trekking route from the parking area)
2. Birdwatching
3. Learning/Education
4. Fishing
5. Refreshing

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