Sunday, August 1, 2010


Surabaya as the second largest city in Indonesia has a very hectic traffic especially in rush hour round 7-8.30 in the morning and afternoon round 4 to 6 sometimes to 7 pm. If you are new here you maybe will think how to commute here.
1. public transport
this is the cheapest way to commute. Surabaya has shuttle line that we call LIN. Probably for every place you are heading too you will just have to get public transport twice. First to Jayabaya Shuttle Station and then from there take other LIN that will take you to where you head to. Do not worry even you dony know which LIN you are going to take, people at the Station will let you know which LIN you should take if you have the address. For each LIN charges Rp.3000.
2. Becak
Becak is pedicap which is avai;able every corner of Surabaya. You will need becak for short route that maybe there is no LIN reach the area. Usually becak will charge you Rp5.000 to Rp.10.000 rupiah, subject to the distance.
3. Taxi
there are many taxi companies here, and taxi is comfy and save way to commute. As always.
4. Ojek
Ojek is motorbike transport that you can hire to take you. Very efficient because motorbike can after cars in traffic jam.
5. Rent Car
If you rent car you will be easier if you need to go out of town. Usually rent cars will provide you with experienced driver that will take you to nice places in the vicinity of Surabaya like Malang or Batu. Rent car can be monthly, 12 hours or daily.
6. Rent Motorbike
Motorbike is very popular mode of transport in Surabaya. As it is cheap and efficient. If you want to stay long anough in Surabaya you can manage to buy one, but if not then better you rent it. Maybe hard to find rent motorbike here, but available personnally.
7. Cycle
Bicycle is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly mode of transport. BUt as Surabaya is very big city with very crowded traffic do not forget to have safety riding by wearing helmet and mask.

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