Sunday, August 8, 2010

Black Magic in the Metropolitan City

thats nonsense.......thats superstition......thats primitive belief...
well i guess that what people in this modern world say if people ask them about black magic.
In Indonesia communities especially in Java that i really know sometimes i heard people died with very strange cause and unusual symptoms.

But here is Surabaya you can see the dead witness of black magic which exist among community. There are interesting collection like indonesian voodoo doll which is called Jaelangkung and nini towok, or rusty nails which were taken from a patient by operation.

Well this museum wasnt built by witchdoctors community but by professional medical organizations. The founder of this museum is DR. Dr. Haryadi Soeparto, DOR, M.Sc tahun 1990.
Other things displayed are ghost map, anti-rapping pants, contraception devices, health spell, old medical tools, fetishes, magical water and many more.

Visiting this museum for me not just to satisfy my curiosity about those superstition but also broaden my knowledge about medical history.

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