Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trekk To Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is crater lake with 960 X 600 m, and located at the height of 2.148 m asl with depth 200m.
Located in Banyuwangi and Bondowoso regency and can be reached from both routes.
From Banyuwangi
If you are from Bali then this is the route that you take.
Banyuwangi to Sasak Perot/Banjarsari by Bemo (small public transport)
Sasak Perot to Licin by Minibus
Licin to Sodong via Jambu by Plantation Truck/Ojek/Travel Coach
Sodong to Paltuding by Truck or Ojek
Paltuding (1,600 m asl) to Ijen Crater by trekking
But if you are on group you can rent take land rover from Banyuwangi to Paltuding.

From Bondowoso
From Bondowoso, you can take Minibus to Wonosari then to Sukosari and then take another bus to Sempol. Sempol is where you can find humble room to stay. Or you can stay at Belawan that is located 3 km from Sempol where you can also enjoy natural hot water that is managed by local people.
Sempol (800 mdpl) to Paltuding is 13 Km so you better hire vehicle in Sempol to get there.

From Paltuding you must trek to reach Ijen Crater. The route is not that steep so it is save enough for family holiday destination. When i was there to trekk i even meet an old woman of 60 years old and a kid of 6 years old that reach the top of the mountain to see Ijen. And on the way you mill meet men sulphur from Ijen to bring it down. They can carry 85 kg sulphur and usually just carry once down a day. This sulphur is used for medicine, chemical and i heard also to whiten sugar.
After round 1.5 hours trekking, we will arrive at Pondok Bunder, a base camp that was built by dutch to watch the active crater. Pondok bunder now is the base camp where the sulphur miner weight the load they carry.
From Pondok Bunder (2214 m asl) to top of mountain is just 30 minutes. To reach the crater we must go down the 800 m steep caldera wall. Yes it takes more energy but it worth with the experience you can see there. Down there you can see how the sulfur is mined from sublimed sulphur. The Sulphure is yielded by the sublimation of sulfuric gas on 200 °C solfatar fumes. And you know what the capacity of the sulphure yielded is 8 tons/day.

The scenery on top of mountain to crater is very pretty. The tosca green crater looks very tempting but it is very acid and hot, the temperature of the crater water is 36'C. The temperature at the crater rim can reach 5'C.

Note :
1. Prepare with wet handkerchief to prevent you inhale sulphur
2. Depart to Ijen round 6 am for save as in the evening the gas can be dangerous
3. If you are from Bromo you can visit Ijen from Bondowoso cus the road is better than from Banyuwangi
4. YOu can go independently or you can get arranged tour to ijen.

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