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Remain of Majapahit Empire-Trowulan-Mojokerto

Located 1 hour from Surabaya, and easy to reach. Trowulan located in Mojokerto Regency.Trowulan is rich of majapahit empire sites and until now it is assumed to be the capital of Majapahit Empire, which reigned almost all part of Indonesia and reached its heyday at the 14th century.
Few there are many remains but mostly are only ruins. And it is assumed also that there are still many remain that are still burried under the ground.In October 2009 Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia submitted Trowulan as UNESCO World Heritage list. Excavation showed that Trowulan once was a very dense area. These are Majapahit Empire remains you can witness in Trowulan:

1. Kolam Segaran (Segaran Pool)
Found by Ir maclain Pont in 1926 and had be restorated few times, in 1966, 1974 and 1926 when Mojokerto first mayor reigned.
Pool's size is 375 m x175 m, and depth 2,88 m, wall's thickness is 1,6 m. The construction is made of bricks. those bricks were rub on its each side so bricks attach to each other. The water flows from the south east part of the pool. The sources of the wopeater are from Balong Bunder and balong Dawa and rainfall. The average of depth is 1,5 M to 2 M.

Kolam Segaran was build to be a dam for royal family, and training site for knights of Majapahit.In Negarakertagama this pool is similarly refers to LAKE, expert says.

The myth that spread among the local community, Kolam Segaran was once the place to
hold welcome party for empire's guest from abroad. The dish to serve the guest were made of gold and when the party was over the dishes were thrown to the pool. Segaran village was once the Grand Kitchen for Majapahit. Other myth that is believed by the people is that the water of Kolam Segaran that water the rice paddy's arround makes the rice taste delicious.

2. Candi Brahu
Built by Mpu Sendok, the King of Kahuripan Kingdom in 861 Saka or 9 Sept 939 M. Brahu derived from Wanaru or warahu, a name of sacred building in Alasantan Inscription which is found 45 m from the temple. This temple's function is to put the ash of Majapahit Kings. Brawijaya I,II,III and IV. This temple is 25 M X 20.70 M and made of red bricks.
Although there is no proof that the temple is budha, but the style and the remain of foundation profile showed it is budha one. At the vicinity of the temple were found artefact and old stuff from of ceremonial instrument made of metal, jewellery, gold stuff and metal statues with budha typical stuffs.

3. Candi Tikus (Tikus/mouse Temple)
This temple was found in 1914 when this was experiencing plague of rats and suddenly the rat was desapeared to a hole on the ground.Regent of Mojokerto Kromojoyo Adinegoro ordered to dig where the hole located and thats when the Tikus Temple/ Rats Temple was located.
According to Negarakertagama, there was a bathing place for royal family that it was assumed to be candi Tikus. And other opinion from Bennet Kempers in 1954, this temple was built related to symbolize mahameru Mountain and holy water in hindu myth. But according AS Wibowo this building was the barometer of dams in Majapahit.

4. Candi Bajang Ratu
It is the shape of Padureksan type of gate. This gate was made of red brick and andesit rocks for ladders. This temple is decorated with kala, lion, legged dragon, sun and Sri Tanjung Story with protecting function. At the right wing is decorated with Ramayana Epic reliefs.

This gate was built to commemorate the death of King Jayanegara in 1250 Saka or 1320 BC. Bajangratu means young king, as King Jayanegara became king when he was very young.

According to the relief,It is predicted to be built in 13-14 century and once restored in 1992.

Other interesting things you can see here is : Museum with many majapahit artefacts displayed, gentong Temples, Kedaton Temples, Raden Wijaya Grave, Wringin Lawang Temple, Statue Carving, casting home industries.

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For this tour you can do the tour individually or else you can get an arranged

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