Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Rafting has been a popular outdoor sport that give an extreme experience with the turbulence of the water. In USA it is popular as white water rafting.This activities use rubber rafts that is very sturdy and flexible. To proper the raft through the water, rafters use paddles. The capacity of the rafts can be 10 to 12. So it takes a team work.The excitement of rafting derives from the level of river turbulence, or rapids. The rafting risk and class comes from the changes in elevation to the riverbed, rocks or other obstacles in the water, and flow from snow melt and rainNow rafting is available not only for professional but also for amateur and family rafting.Hear are things that you need to prepare to go rafting :- Rafting Shoes that will protect you from sharp rocks in the river in case you fall. Do not wear sandals /slipper because it is risky to lose.-Wear T-Shirt and trousers/short like parachute or Lycra fabric that will dry immediately-Sunglasses -Sun Screen Cream to protect your skin from ultraviolet-Clothes for change-Mineral water to avoid dehydration during your rafting fun

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  1. Going on a river rafting trip is quite an unforgettable adventure. Thanks for sharing!

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