Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Wonosobo is the gate to Dieng Plateau, one of worth-visit place to visit in Central Java, beside Borobudur Temple. Though Dieng Plateau administratively located in Wonosobo and Banjar Negara Regency, yet the easiest and closest is via Wonosobo.
Below is lodging, homesay, to hotels located in Wonosobo, ranges from shoestring budget to star hotel.

HOMESTAY for Backpackers
1) Marong Homestay
Address: Kenteng, Bojasari RT 01, Kertek, Wonosobo
Contact No: 0881 314 6121
Email :
This homestay is located about 8 km from Wonosobo City, if you are from Yogyakarta, it is located about 3 KM from Kertek Market, in front of Marong Three Junction (Simpangan Marong), next to SD Negeri 1 Bojasari, right to the side of the street. The location is before Bus Station so tell the bus " Saya turun di Pertigaan Marong."
This homestay is suitable for shoestring budget. Room is good, yet the bathroom is outside and basic. If you are willing to experience living with the locals it might be suitable.
-ROOM : Standard
-Bed : DBL Bed
-Bathroom : Outside (Basic)
-Breakfast : Sego Megono and Tempe Kemul (local traditional food)
-Total Room : Currently only one available
-Wifi : NOPE
-Located nearby;
     -Food Stall (Just across the street) selling Mie Ongklok, special food from Wonosobo. You must try.
- How to get to Dieng Plateau from here?
   BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT : Take yellow car / minibus to Wonosobo City : IDR 2500.
   Ask to stop where Dieng Bus waiting passanger, usually in Jalan Pemuda (Pemuda Street). Rate Wonosobo-Dieng : IDR 15,000. So inform the bus charger :
   "Saya turun di mana ada bis ke Dieng mangkal, di Jalan Pemuda" (I am getting off where buses to Dieng parks, at Jalan Pemuda).
  BY OJEK (MOTORBIKE TAXI) to Wonosobo. Motorbike taxi is available just accross the street.

Hot Tea is available morning and evening (Free)

This homestay is located in Wonosobo City, with nice room , hot water, and comfy enough.
-Bed : TWIN and DBL
-Bathroom : Inside (shower and bathtub) hot and cold water
-Breakfast : Yes (Toast)
-How to get to Dieng Plateau from here?
 By PUBLIC TRANSPORT : walk to side walk in front of the homestay, turn left and wait for Dieng Bus around in front of Hospital. The Bus to Dieng has signage. As there are many other bus passing to other place, you just say "  DIENG ". They will know, especially if you are physically caucasian or dress like travelers, they will know automatically where you are heading. :)
Rate : IDR 250.000- 350,000/ Night

3) Pondok Besan
Address: Jl. Manggisan Indah P/16 Wonosobo
This homestay is located inside a village, about 3 km from mainroad to Dieng. Staying here will make you feel the ambience of village and rice paddy field.
-ROOM : Standard
-Bathroom : Inside (Hot and Cold Water)
-Breakfast : Yes (Bread/Toast)
-Coffee and Tea is available
-How to get to Dieng from here?
By PUBLIC TRANSPORT : As it is located few km from the mainroad, you must get to mainroad on foot or ask the owner to drop you to the mainroad to catch the bus to Dieng Plateau.

Rate : IDR 220,000- IDR 250,000/ Night

Jl. Pasukan Ronggolawe, Wonosobo
This hotel is located in the city of Wonosobo, the best available in the city. It is the heritage hotel since Dutch colonial period.
Rate : start from: IDR 700.000

-Surya Asia Hotel **
Jl Ahmad Yani, Wonosobo
This hotel has few types of rooms from Superior to suite Room. Located in the heart of the city.
Rate : start from IDR 400,000