Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trip to Madakaripura Fall

After few times failed to visit Madakaripura Fall because of the rain, finaly this month i and few friends visit this mystical fall. I read about it from internet and i had always wanted to go there when passing the turning to the fall when visiting Mt Bromo.
The fall is located 5 km from the main road to Mt Bromo. Once you arrived there you will be greeted by ticket box officer, and where you must pay Rp.5000 per person. And after parking the car local guides offered us their service. The said that the track to the fall was a bit difficult that we would need guide and beside the fact that all 7 of my groups were girls. We agreed to take 1 guide which was charged Rp.50.000,-.
To trekk to the fall we needed to change our shoes with sandals. If you dont bring pairs of sandals local people sell sandals on site for Rp.10.000,-. I think walking barefoot is okay too, and more comfortable when crossing the small river.
After the entrance statue of Gajahmada welcomed us in meditating gesture. Gajahmada is the general of Majapahit Empire that reached its heyday in 14th century when King Hayam Wuruk reigned. After the Bubat Battle that made the distant relationship between the General and the King. There is a myth that Gajahmada meditate there and then moksa. In literature, Gajahmada served as general of Majapahit until his death in 1364.
To reach the fall we had to cross small beautiful river with clear fresh water and andesit stones. The green plants from the green canyon from both side of the river freshened up our eyes. We walk round 15 minutes until we reached to stalls selling hot drinks and snacks. The guide warned us to save our mobile and camera because we had to cross falling water from above the canyon that jump like rain. Here local people offer plastic bag for Rp.1000 to save your mobile, or camera and also umbrella for Rp.5.000. If your lens of camera is not water resistant umbrella is very useful for taking pictures there. I found it hard to take pics cus the pictures contained with small water drops.
The small size of waterfalls looked very amazing, and the madakaripura fall is the biggest with height of 200 m where there is small cave behind it which is known as the meditation site of gajahmada. And there is smaller sized fall beside this fall which is believed to be the bathing fall of gajahmada. I saw 1,5 m green snake beside this bathing fall. this snake was there and stayed still.
I enjoyed the waterfall, the green flora, the stones and the clear water. I think this fall is worth visit beside Bromo.

madakaripura fall 2


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  4. The best thanks to get to Madakaripura water is to rent a automobile from Surabaya or Malang, or embrace it within the tour package along side Mount Bromo. From Surabaya, capital of East Java, the trip can take somewhat over 3 hours, by taking the intercity route to Sidoarjo-Porong-Pasuruan-Probolinggo. Upon reaching Tongas, there'll be a symbol leading to each Mount Bromo and Madakaripura water
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