Friday, July 16, 2010

Unique Surabaya

Surabaya in East Java is a part of javanese culture as it is located in the eastern part of Java Island. Surabaya is popular for its suroboyoan or typical javanese language that is rather direct and frank. Surabaya language is javanese that is influenced by madurese. This language also known as non-refine javanese language. cursing and rude words are common in this vocabularies. Misuh (cursing) in Surabaya is not exactly cursing other people, but it is just because the people are so open and friendly.
This typical of Surabaya Language led creative works for Surabaya typical T-Shirt which is now popular among Surabaya people or domestic tourist visiting Surabaya which is branded its product as Cak Cuk.

(Cursing Dictionary)
A Surabayan - English bad language

Amput: fuck. diamput: being fucked. jamput : being fucked.
Diamput kon iku! You're fuck!
Ancuk:fuck. diancuk: being fucked. jancuk: being fucked. jancuk jaran: fucked by a horse
mbokne ancuk: mother fucker. mbokne ancuk ancene! : You're mother fucker!
Asu: dog. Kon iku asu kok! You are just a dog

Bajingan : scroundel. Bajingan kon iku! You're scroundel!
Bangsat : rascal, scroundel
Bathukmu sempal : your forehead is destroyed
Bedhes : monkey. Bedhes! You're like a monkey!

congok : stupid. Kon iku ancene congok! You're really stupid! Ngok-congok! Fool to you!
cuk : see ancuk. Cuk! Fuck

dengkulmu anjlog : your knee plummet
dobol : asshole. dobol jaran : horse asshole

gathel: glanspenis. nggatheli: peckerish. Cuk, nggatheli! Fuck you, Dick
gegermu mlocot. your back is chafed
gendeng : crazy. Wong gendeng! Crazy man!
gidal : plaque. Gidal ilo! plaque to you.
goblok : stupid. Arek goblok! You're a stupid boy!

Jangkrik : cricket. Jangkrik! Damn it!

kakean cangkem: too much talk. kakean cocot: too much talk. Kon iku kakean cocot! You're just a big mouth.
Kakikmu methel. Your foot frayed. Kakikmu tumpes your foot destroyed

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