Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MISS Indonesia 2010 and Indonesia

I saw Miss Indonesia live show o TV last night. I have to say the candidates were all pretty, tall, sexy, nice skin and hair and smart too. The were so delighted. Walking on catwalk with wonderful dress and confident.
But when it was reached to the question session for the big 10 contestant, i dont know i feel uncomfortable with this. The host asked the contestant in bahasa Indonesia about how they were doing, 2 or 3 contestants answer in English. I am wondering why they should answer in English? It is Miss Indonesia not Miss America. And i think that it was not necessary to speak English when the judges are Indonesian, the audience is Indonesian, the hosts are Indonesian. Almost everyone speaks English today and taught at school from elementary to high school. And i think speaking English is important for sure, but speak Bahasa Indonenesia is very important too. And respecting Bahasa Indonesia means that we should be proud of it cus this language that united this archipelago which has many different cultures and languages. It was not easy for youngsters in October 28th 1928 to meet in a forum and decided languages that united Indonesia. English is International language and it is necessary to master it, especially to promote Indonesia in international forum. And my opinion, Miss Indonesia should speak Bahasa Indonesia well at the first place and English is an added value, not the opposite.
One more that i noticed from Miss Indonesia 2010 is that there is no traditional constumes from Indonesia maybe batik and kebaya. They just wear international dress. Would be nice if the contestand dress in national dress. Batik is just accepted by UNESCO to be World heritage from Indonesia in Oct 2nd 2009 in France. I think to show that Batik is part of Indonesian culture is by showing this to the world and wear this on our daily life and including to an event like beauty pageant. Imagine if other country include batik costumes in their beauty pageant while it is Indonesian culture? Sure we will not feel comfortable with this and regret this.
Hope this blog will be useful. At least this all i can do to speak up.
Miss Indonesia is great show but sure there is something that we can do to make it better and more Indonesia.

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