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Mt Bromo is one of the most popular destination in Indonesia. It is a must destination for international traveler in Indonesia.
Mt Bromo is located in the midst of caldera with diameter 16 KM which is known as Sea of Sand. Bromo with its active crater always smokes and you can smell the sulphur aroma. Mt Bromo isnt the highest mountain on Sea of Sand, there are other mounts there. Mt Bromo (2.392m) MT Batok (2.470m) Mt Kuris (2,581m) Mt Watangan (2.662m) dan MT Widodaren (2.650m).
The tour usually accentuate the sunrise that can be seen via MT Penanjakan (2774M) The road to Mt Penanjakan is narrow and curving so suggested that you use 4x4. From Penanjakan then head to see the rim of Bromo crater. (1.392 above sea level). you can ride horse back or trekk to the stairways.
Transportation available by landrover that can be reserve on site.
Temperature here ranges from 0 to 10 deg, the coldest is before the sunrise.
The sunrise will take place at around 05.20 – 05.40 AM depend on season, the best time to see the sunrise would be around at May – September (no rainfall within that month).
Annually, Tenggerese Hindu who live here hold Kasada Ceremony to commemorate

Mt Bromo is located 4 regency, Probolinggo, Malang, Pasuruan and Lumajang.
There are two common routes to Mt Bromo, via Pasuruan and via Probolinggo.

Well, a friend of mine promised me to pay all of my expenses if he accompany me to go to Mt Bromo. And sure thats a nice offer. I havent been there though i have been living in Surabaya, East Java for 2 years. :).
When he arrived in Surabaya then we plan to go to Bromo via Probolinggo, as i heard this is the easiest way to get there. But then he said that the ATM machine has eated his ATM in Jakarta. Oh my.......And he had complained to his Bank in his country about this but the bank had not given him any response yet.
Alright we made a deal that we would use my money to for transport but then he had to return the money to me as he promised me that he would pay all of my expenses in this trip. And he would use his credit card to pay the hotel.

We depart in the morning to Bungur Asih terminal in Surabaya, then take economy bus to Probolinggo. We paid Rp. 14.000 each person and it took 3 hours approximately. We stopped at the Probolinggo bus station and then take public transport to Bromo. People in the bus station usually will as you where you will go and if they see you with backpack then they will know you will go to Bromo. Oh ya from the bus station to Cemoro Lawang is charged Rp. 15.000. And took round 1 hour.

All the way from the bus station to Cemoro Lawang was a nice landscape with green trees and beautiful little hills. Guess what is my friend reaction when we arrived at Cemara Indah hotel and see the scenery of the Sea of Sand? Thats the most beautiful scenery ha had ever seen. :).

When we about to check in, my friend said if it was possible to pay the hotel credit card, but the reception said it is not possible. Hmmmmmm. I was thinking that maybe we wont sleep and wait till 3 PM to see the sunrise as we had paid the Land Rover. My friend looked at me and said sorry. The trip wasnt smooth as we expected. :). well thats the beauty of an adventure :)

But then a young man with Brazil soccer costume approached the reception desk with his big back pack and asking for a room. But only 1 room available, so he offered us to share room with him and he would pay. This Brazilian man also lend my friend money. Lucky us .... :)

Afternoon we walked to the surrounding the hotel. Very interesting to see farmers with their potatoes field. And also tenggerese walking with their horses. The sun that set in the west shine beautifully to every object arround us. We took many nice pics there.

It was freezing at night. I am prepared with jacket and hat and gloves. but i still feel freezing. The Brazilian man really felt the cold like he had flu and his body is shivering. We woke up at 3 and prepared to go to see sunrise and land rover was waiting outside. A man knocked our door and offer jacket as it was very cold outside in the morning at MT Penanjakan. I didnt rent the jacket, also my friend. But the Brazilian man rent one for Rp.20.000. He didnt prepare for the cold weather in Indonesia as he thought that tropical country has warm air. :)

The Land rover passangers were 8. 6 at the back seats and 2 at the front seats. It stopped at the foot of Mt Penanjakan, and we had to climb this mount to get to the best site to view the popular Bromo spectacular sunrise. It takes round 30 Minutes to get to the viewing area. My friend hurt his forehead as it was dark and no lighting.
Many foreigners tourist there. Mostly Dutch and French. Few went with grup on schedule trip and few are individual tourist.
THE SUNRISE was very amazing. With a very nice gradient of blue and orange and res at the horizone. Mt Semeru looked pretty nice and accentuate the landscape. Hmm i love the panorama so much.

Roung 6 00 am we decent MT Penanjakan and returned to Land Rover to head to Mt Bromo. Land Rover park at the sea of sand which surround the mountain. To get to the mountain, we had to trekk through the sea of sand or to ride by horse (charged Rp.70.000-Rp.90.000). We preferred walking as we saw many older people walk. We dont want to be spoiled persons from the city :) Even if we rode by horse we still had to climb 248 steps of stairways to reach the summit of Mt Bromo. Not that easy, but it was fun and satisfied when at last we arrived there. We took off our jacket as we felt so hot as the sun has shone and as we exercised a lot with hiking and climbing.

Finally with panting breath we arrived there. We conquered the stairways. We took pics and strolled circle the rater lips. I love it when we look down and mist float over the sea of sand. I can see Hindu temple lying mysteriously down there.

Round 9 we return to hotel, shower, breakfast then return to Surabaya by car. We paid 15.000 each person to probolinggo bus station.

1.Bring Flash light
2.Bring warm Clothing and gloves and cotton trousers, if not Jacket Rental is available there.
3.ATM is available close to Cemara Indah Hotel (BNI ATM)
4.Reserve Land Rover for 275.000 Rupiah. So when you want to get a land rover better managed with other tourist to get best price, then you order individually.
5.If you arrive in in daylight, afternoon you can stroll and i guarantee you can get good pictures.
6.Visit Bromo at dry season round May – September
7.I suggest you to stay in a hotel closest to the caldera.

Hotel BROMO Available plus price:
1. Hotel Raya Bromo :
Desa Sukapura, Bromo area 67254, East Java - Indonesia
Phone : (0335) 581103-5, Fax : (0335) 581142
2. Lava View Lodge Rp. 160.000-750.000
3. Lava Cafe Lava Rp. 75.000-Rp. 150.000
4. Bromo Permai : Rp. 88.000-Rp.462.000
5. Yoschi's : Rp.75.000-Rp.400.000
6. Cemara Indah : Rp. 75.000-Rp. 600.000

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