Sunday, August 8, 2010

Surabaya and Sex in the City

Surabaya is not only popular as the trading and city of heroes of Indonesia. It is also popular as the city which has the largest prostitution area in South East Asia. This area is well known as Gang Dolly.

At the first time i came here i didn't know about that, so a friend took me to look around Jarak Street.We didnt manage to get into alleys of this area, just passed the highway. I was so surprised to see women were in tempting outfits behind glass windows. They sat there like they were mannequin in a shopping store. And outside men were looking at them like they considering the quality of products.

This red district is mingle with settlements, where local people executing daily activities like working, children studying, people praying. According to information i heard, this area favors 34 billion rupiahs each year to the local govt.

Written information i got that this prostitution business was started by Dolly van der Mart a dutch woman. And as the time goes by this area is evolving.

I am writing this not to let you go there but to give you information about Surabaya from other side. I think prostitution is a phenomenon everywhere also in Surabaya. Though there is pros and cons, this phenomenon will always exist.

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