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Travel to The Land Of Gods....DIENG

Dieng located 26 from Wonosobo (hey..... this is my hometowm :))
From Jogja you can rent car, or motorbike. It will take less than 3 hours to Dieng from Jogja.
Or you can go by public transport from Jogja Bus station to Magelang (Rp. 8000), and From Magelang to Wonosobo Rp. 12.000)
From Wonosobo Bus Station you can go by public mini bus to Dieng Directly. It will cost you Rp.10.000.
Or you can go to Wonosobo City and stay in a hotel there, or go to Dieng Directly and stay at Dieng.

Expect Golden Sunrise at Setieng Shelter
If you stay in Wonosobo and willing to see Dieng sunrise, you must depart at 4.
Dieng Sunrise Tour is very popular tour as you can see double sunrise in the same morning (Silver and Golden Sunrise). Wonosobo to Dieng takes 1 hour. To see the Golden sunrise you must Stop at Setieng Tower Shelter, located up the hill 1700 m asl. Here you can expect the golden sunrise. Sunrise usually comes out at 5.30 and appears from hilly mountains with MT Merapi to complete the panorama. Sometimes it can be windy and in dry season the temperature can be less than zero. Other interesting phenomenon here is floating mist, but sometimes the mist will block your sight to see sunrise :(.
The view from the shelter is very interesting. You can see down the shelter dieng kampongs with metal roof and potatoes field.
If you stay in Dieng you can wake up at 4 and then trek to Sikunir Mountain to see the Golden Sunrise. :)

The Plateau and The Hindu Temples
Then proceed the trip to The Plateau. The plateau is 2093 M, it can be very cold here. The range of temperature is 10 deg to under zero. In dry season like July and August the tempereture can reach minus 2 to minus 5. When this happens frozen dew in the morning can be seen, local people call this phenomenona s bun upas or poisonous dew as this dew is detrimental to farmers plants.
According to my history teacher, this plateau represent a heaven that it has mountain, nice scenery and river. Thats why Hindu people built temples in the middle of this plateau. The hindu temples that you still can see are 8 temples. 5 at the plateau and 3 others lie in separated locations.
The 5 temples (Arjuna Temple, Srikandi, Semar, Yudistira, Sembadra Temple) at the plateau called Candi Arjuna Complex or Candi Pandawa. The temples were built in the era of Old Mataram Kingdom that reigned over Java. When the temples found by a dutch named HC Cornelius in 1814, they were buried by mud caused by years of erosion from the hills that surround the plateau you can wait the Silver sunrise. Actually this sunrise is sun that rise late as hill blocks her. When the sunrise appears and shine you will feel warmer and the temples will looks more mysterious.

Soeharto-Whitlam House
Located close to the temples are Soeharto- Whitlam House, where Indonesian president and Australian Prime minister discussed about East Timor in 6 September 1974. Mr Whitlam comment about how Soeharto taker him : He took me to a plateau, a mystic place, in Java”.
Yes this plateau is believed to be very mystical place that there is a rumor that Soeharto and Soekarno meditates here before ruled Indonesia.
You can also browse to the collection of old Hindu artefacts and statue found in Dieng.

Sikidang Crater
Not far from the plateau you can go to Sikidang Crater where you can see bulbling mud with sulphuric aroma. You can see the crater from a very close distance. From the Temples locations you can just walk for approximatelly 20 minutees to the crater. When it is rainy peak season you can have coffee here even in the early morning and enjoy fried tofu or tempe. Hmmm yummmy and this will help you to feel warmer. And here usually gembel kids like to hang out. Gembel is a dreadlock hairs that grow naturally to kids. To cut this hair parents should hold purification ceremony. This phenomenon only happen to kids reside on the slope of Mt Sumbing, Mt Sindoro and Dieng. there is no scientific explanation why this happens to them.

Warna and Mirror Lake
Warna Lake and Mirror Lake located close to the Crater just 10 minutes walk. Before you go to the lakes you should try to visit Bima temple which is located on the way there. The myth said that if you walk round the temples 7 times whatever you wish will some true.
Lake Warna and Lake Mirror are located side by side. lake Warna containes with sulpfur and other minerals that when the sun shines on the lake it will cause the lake to look colorful. And the Mirror lake is fresh water where people can fish. The Legend said that Lake warna is the place where goddes took bathe and the Mirror lake to be the lake where they see their reflection. :)
In the middle of the two lakes located a small island with small caves. Jaran (horse) Cave, Semar Cave for maditation and Sumur (spring) cave.

  • Dont forget to bring warm clothing
  • If you want to see better view of the lakes, you can walk climb the hill. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the scenery you wills ee
  • If you love trekking, just walk through the hills where you can see other nice thing (get a guide)

    1. Wisma Duta (RP.250.000)
    2. Dieng Kledung Pass (Rp. 250.000)
    3. Sri Kencono Hotel ( Rp. 150.000)

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